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Over the years AuraTech has developed innovative products for organizations.
Our high level of customer service and ability to deliver quality products on time has enabled us to maintain multi-year relationships with most of our clients. Below are some projects completed by AuraTech.

SharePoint Case Studies

Project Title: Financial Reporting
Industry: Pharmaceutical

The forecasting team of the finance department of the client was responsible for collecting forecasts from regional country heads on a monthly basis and compiling a final report. The process involved collecting data using excel from each country head and compiling a final report in excel after compiling all the inputs. Input from over 20 countries was compiled in this final monthly report. This task fully occupied the regional finance manager and much time was spent collecting the data rather analyzing it.

AuraTech used the enterprise SharePoint system being used by the client to automate the collection and generation of reports. Workflows were developed that when triggered would prepare input sheets for each country head based on the current month. Notifications are then sent to the country heads to submit their input as per the specified deadline. Workflows also triggered reminders a few days before the deadline. Document libraries were setup with versioning to record the inputs from country heads. The inputs were provided utilizing custom web parts that were developed for this purpose.
The automated reporting system saved man weeks of manual effort each month.

Technologies Used: SharePoint, Windows Workflow Foundation, SQL Reporting Services

Project Title: Content Management Strategy
Industry: Banking

The procurement department of a Bank wished to better organize its knowledge content to easily facilitate finding of information. This was a critical requirement since their procurement department was spread across different continents and communicating and sharing information across the department had become a challenge. This was resulting in repetitive research within the department. In addition to knowledge management the department also wished to formalize the workflow for certain aspects of procurement operations.

AuraTech was brought in to conduct requirements analysis and propose a plan for implementing sharepoint to meet the above mentioned needs. AuraTech's goal was to gather information and plan the strategy for an implementation that would utilize SharePoint Best Practices.

Technologies Used: SharePoint, SharePoint Designer

Project Title: Article Database for Search and Reporting
Industry: Financial Advisory/Consulting

The client company specializes in providing regulatory compliance consulting services to the financial industry. One of the services offered by the client is to provide updates on new regulatory laws and bills that are to affect their clients. Client Compliance experts had been using excel to maintain list and details of new regulatory policies. Depending on the client they would manually select list of policies that are relevant to them, write-up a report based on this information and pass it on to the client. This process was very time consuming and error prone. Also, lack of a central database made it hard for the expert in the organization to collaborate and share information.

The following were goals of the project:

  • Provide a central repository of regulatory policies
  • Automate selection of policies for a given client
  • Automate generation of report
  • Provide Professional Look and feel to reports
  • Have a flexible permission framework for user access

AuraTech was called in to perform a detailed analysis of current process and build a new solution. During analysis AuraTech analysts were able to identify relevant fields used to store policy information, search and matching criteria’s used by compliance experts to find policies relevant to clients. This information was used to build a custom application within SharePoint that would store all regulatory policies, details on domains they affect, date they go into effect, etc. A flexible search and matching framework was built to allow selection of these policies. SQL Server Reporting was used to prepare reports for clients based on search results. Workflows were used to automate the generation and emailing of these reports to clients on a periodic basis. SharePoint's built in List Permission framework was used to define roles for administrators, authors of policies and regulatory experts.

Technologies Used: SharePoint Server, SharePoint Designer, SQL Server Reporting, .Net Framework

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Case Studies
Project Title: Sales & Support Management
Industry: Hospitality

One of AuraTech’s clients provides facility and resource management software to the hospitality industry. Over a thousand hotels worldwide use the client’s software to manage their hotels. The client used to use different systems for managing sales and customer support. AuraTech was brought in to implement Dynamic CRM to provide a single unified system for all its operations.

AuraTech interviewed key-stakeholders from different departments ranging from Management, Sales, Customer Support, IT, etc to determine the needs of all user groups. Implementation plan to tackle the following was prepared: manage customers, products purchased and supported per customer, service cases, quotation and ordering process, customer contracts and service level agreements. Price lists for all of the client's various products for their different licensing models were also prepared.

Dynamics CRM was deployed and setup on Amazon's Cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure was chosen for its ease of management and ability to scale. A customer portal for service management was also setup using Microsoft's E-Service Accelerator. Custom Reports were setup to manage products, price lists and quotations.

AuraTech concluded the implementation with a comprehensive training of the user base. AuraTech continues to be the primary support team for the organization’s Dynamic CRM Implementation.

Technologies Used: Dynamic CRM, SQL Server Reporting, E-Service Accelerator, Amazon Cloud

Project Title: Sales Process Automation
Industry: Real Estate

The client organization is one of the biggest Real Estate brokerages in the world. They have a large number of associates through whom they serve clients’ real estate needs all over the world.

The organization’s operations involved marketing to attract new potential buyers and sellers, serving buyers and sellers by finding them matches and handling the contractual and legal process and re-marketing periodically to existing clients. The organization wanted to follow certain process to move the organization as a whole in one direction. However, due to the large number of brokers in the organization, following/enforcing a common process had become a challenge.

The organization chose to use Dynamics CRM online as it allowed a quick turn-around with minimal IT administration. AuraTech was brought in to implement/enforce the business processes.

AuraTech performed the requirements analysis by interviewing the key stakeholders and end users to fully understand the organization’s business processes. AuraTech then implemented the marketing, leads gathering, contractual process, reporting using a combination of Workflows, Client Side Scripting and Custom Reports. For example workflows were created to automatically create listings when leads were won and associating them with an opportunity. Computation of commissions were done using Jscript in event handlers.

The solution allowed the organization to better manage its open leads, follow an systematic and transparent process for contractual agreement and signing, market actively and per a specified schedule, draw accurate up to date reports on performance of individual brokers and the entire organization.

Technologies Used: Dynamic CRM Online

Project Title: Loan Audit System & Marketing
Industry: Finance
Duration: 1.5 Years

The client organization provides leading regulatory compliance consulting services to financial institutions. The client uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for all of its Customer Management Needs. Just as in most organization', the client has many disconnected legacy applications. Once of these being a Loan Audit Application developed in the 90s using Access. Since the Loan Audit Application primarily dealt with customer data, it was an obvious choice for integration with CRM.

The new solution was developed as a web application that was accessible from within the CRM. Loan Audits were designed to be custom entities that were inherently related to Customers and other native entities within the CRM. This custom application interacted with the CRM using the web services published by the CRM. Custom Reports were provided using SQL Server Reporting Services.

The integrated solution meant that the loan auditors only had to deal with one system rather than two disconnected yet related applications. The common CRM user interface that loan auditors were already familiar with also reduced the training time required for loan auditing.

Technologies Used: Dynamic CRM, SQL Server Reporting,

Custom Application Development
Cynergy Software
Cynergy Software is the creator of Cynergy, a web based Help-Desk and Customer Relatioship Management(CRM) application. In 2006 Cynergy Software approached AuraTech with a goal to migrate Cynergy from Java to Microsoft .Net. AuraTech assisted in the re-invention of the entire application in .Net and has stayed on as a key development partner. Some of Cynergy's features include Customer Relationship Management, Ticket Tracking, Asset Management, Knowledge Center, Opportunity Management, Reporting, Web Service API, Microsoft Outook Integration, AuraTech continues to develop core features that make Cynergy a leading Web 2.0 Help Desk application.

Feedback: "Very professional, creative, and delivers on promises. After 3 bad experiences with other contractors, it was so refreshing to find someone that works like one of our own. Will definitely use again." - Steve Davidson, CEO, Cynergy Software
Kaizen Staffing is a full service staffing and recruiting firm based in San Diego, California. Given its thorough understading of recruiting and staffing, Kaizen Staffing wished to develop a web based application that allows workforce management. AuraTech helped translate Kaizen Staffing's vision to reality. AuraTech developed WebCWM based on it N-Tier architectural philosophy. WebCWM allows corporations to better manage their workforce needs, formalize Job Requisition creation and approval process, publish Job Requisitions on their own or partner agency websites, evaluate and track prospective candidates through the hiring process. AuraTech continues to maintain and add innovative features to WebCWM. has been a leading provider of payrolling services worldwide since 1994. Given the success of WebCWM, a Kaizen Staffing partner company enlisted AuraTech for the development of, a web based portal that allows organizations manage all aspects of employee payrolling. TimeQ also has the ability to track Purchase Orders, track expenses, interface with various accounting packages and reporting.